Monday, June 8

My Very First

So, I broke free of the pen and paper. I took it upon myself to introduce you all to the inner workings of the complex monstrosity that is my mind. Brace yourselves.

Allow me to explain who I am and what I am doing here on your screen. I go by Fallon Star. My friends call me Crazy *only because they know me so well*. You may call me Fallon Star, it isn't nice to call me people names. I am a recent enrollment of Wizard 101. As of 06.08.09 I am a level 21 Necromancer. I was recruited from the *soon to be* infamous Autumn DuskHunter and the young, yet wise, Ashley DuskHunter.
Autumn accomodated for my early stage of learning and has offered to become my mentor, my peer, and, most importantly, a great friend. I trail along in Autumn's shadows, however, I am always being encouraged to broaden my wings and fly into new light *especially with my complimentary Summer Dragon that I had receive. Mister Otis, just in the event you are wondering his name.
It was not long ago that I graduated from Wizard City's Finest and found myself on the beaten path onto Krokotopia. Believe you me... my adventures are not limited. Through out the course of training with the patient Autumn, together we have instigated great opponents in such lands as MarleyBone and MooShu. While I may not quite be at that level of spells and capabilities as my dearest Mentor, Autumn takes the extra iniative that helps build my character and confidence.
Well, folks, that is a brief autobiography of myself. There will be more posts as I venture through this amazing game of Wizard 101. Feel free for quests blogs, silly blogs, kudo's, and so-forth.
I want to take the last few sentences of this introduction to Thank Autumn DuskHunter for welcoming be so warmly into a new life. If you are not already aware of the world on the otherside of you server I highly recommend it if you enjoy strtegy games that include a smooth and beautiful variety of people with free wills and an uncanny amount of patience. I hope, for you readers, that you are able to find someone able to take the time to show you the ropes. Even if you are unable to, don't give up. This world is remarkable. Challenges await you on every street corner, but believe in yourself. I believe every young wizard has an umarked sense of courage. It is up to you to unleash. Work at your pace. Learn everything you can. And NEVER second guess yourself. Don't worry about what everyone else is learning. Just worry about what you are accomplished. Good Night. Good Luck. And remember; before you go to bed- look up at the sky. Someone is sending you an oppurtunity to make a dream come true. Don't let that [Falling Star] go to waste.

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  1. SAY whaaaaaaaaaaaat! another blogger about w101! welcome to the blogosphere! I am Isaiah Spelldust, and I too run a blog!

    P.S. like the banner BTW!