Sunday, June 21

back with a vengeance. no not really just a little peeved at the mentality of some. The other day, I found myself in the middle of battle. I had gotten pulled into a battle in Chelsea Court, and so did another peer. Somebody who had needed hooligans to complete a task asked if she may join. Absolutely not a problem! So here we are the three of us against two hooligans and two O'Leary Burglars. After two rounds of trying to build up PIPS myself and another found ourselves gettin a whooping from a couple of storm sharks and we have fully representing the dead. Stars swirling around one of my teammate's head, our third teammate decides to flee [ Oh but wait, I thought you need the hooligans to complete your task?! ]
So at this point I am just worried about evening out the odds. Summon a minion with three PIPs or sacrifice to reactivate the one teammate that didn't flee on me even after she died. So I sacrificed 200 health bringing me to 28. Hmm... Ok so then I die.
Luckily, my teammate brings in a dear friend of hers and I call upon my mentor. Autumn and Chase to the rescue. However, Chase was on his toes for Autumn had to leave to revamp sacrifice and poor Chase was left at 422 while poor Mary and I were stuck In Pete Rose mode.
At the end of the battle, the four of us stood victorious. BUT, this story leads into something So much more!

Wizardly Ethics
1. Do Not Blindly Request Friends
2. Do Not Randomly Port To Some One

3. Do Not Invite Yourself Into A Battle Appearing to Run Smoothely
4. Ask to Join A Battle Regardless
5. If You Join A Battle To "Help" Do Not Flee
6. If You Chicken Out And Intend to Flee- Warn the Person
7. If/ When You Rudely Join a Battle Don't Pass Multiple Turns
8. When In a Battle You Were Not In Invited to Do Not Play Boss Man; Chances are you are no Hero. Just trying to Leach of Someone's Kill
9. If Someone Asks For Your Help Do Not Ignore Them. Just Answer "Sure NP" or "Sry I Can't"
10. Do Not Demand For Someone On Your Friends List To Help You, Be Polite And Ask or Work On Both Tasks Together

OK, So those are just a handful of 'aggrr-vations' I have encountered this week. Feel free to post comments and add to these "Do's" and "Don't's"


  1. That's a really good list of "do's and don'ts". Would make for a good primer for W101 Newcomers, and I doubt many, (if any) salted veteran would argue them, either.

  2. so many people ask to be my friend on my best person (three out of four I don't know who they are) I had to stop friend requests. And I HATE when people join in your battle when you are almost done!!!! (then I seek reveng and alwas get it Mwahahaha)

  3. P.S. I only have 5 people on my friends list I see ever