Sunday, April 25

To the few, but the loyal. I have returned to the alias you all kno me to be, Fallon Star. I return with promises of a new world and new possibilities. Celestia is wading the waters and ad excited as I am, nothing makes me more so excited as to physically see Autumn Duskhunter return. In the midst of our everyday conversation, curiosity of my BARON's return has been anticipated oh so much. It fills my little necromancer heart with such joy that Autumn and I may yet again stand side by side as she takes all the kills.... uh uh uh... I mean, as I set her for scarecrow and wraith =)
I kno I will not be the first to be able to welcome her back as I have read the blogs of many of you who adore her so. And to those of you whom kept tabs on her blogs during 8 inactive months, I'd like you for taking my side even without you knowing it. Its been a trecherous battle to get my partner in crime back, and I'm not persuasive as Autumn is not easily persuaded. However, no grandmaster can turn down a lift of leveling caps or a new world and a chance to blog about it with as little or as many words jus as long as she can still type/ speak with sharp wit.
So again, thank you fellow bloggers and its about time Autumn. Pairing with Dugan jus wasn't the same =)
Love Always,
Your Seperated Twin;
Fallon Star

Sunday, June 21

Congratulations Are In Order

Ashley DuskHunter deserves a round of applause. Today Ashley had taken the first steps into the Death School and received Death Prism. Shaking and Moving your way to the top. Congrats!

Dugan FireSlinger is also moving on up. Now in Krokotopia has proved the studies of pyromancers to not be a silly as I thought. I am quite proud of my husband, however, he really must learn to share lol.

I would take some time to welcome Jasmine Rose Petal. That would be my mother who had as of today enrolled also as a necromancer. Sorry Dugan, it appears you are the odd man out, But I know you will do fine.
back with a vengeance. no not really just a little peeved at the mentality of some. The other day, I found myself in the middle of battle. I had gotten pulled into a battle in Chelsea Court, and so did another peer. Somebody who had needed hooligans to complete a task asked if she may join. Absolutely not a problem! So here we are the three of us against two hooligans and two O'Leary Burglars. After two rounds of trying to build up PIPS myself and another found ourselves gettin a whooping from a couple of storm sharks and we have fully representing the dead. Stars swirling around one of my teammate's head, our third teammate decides to flee [ Oh but wait, I thought you need the hooligans to complete your task?! ]
So at this point I am just worried about evening out the odds. Summon a minion with three PIPs or sacrifice to reactivate the one teammate that didn't flee on me even after she died. So I sacrificed 200 health bringing me to 28. Hmm... Ok so then I die.
Luckily, my teammate brings in a dear friend of hers and I call upon my mentor. Autumn and Chase to the rescue. However, Chase was on his toes for Autumn had to leave to revamp sacrifice and poor Chase was left at 422 while poor Mary and I were stuck In Pete Rose mode.
At the end of the battle, the four of us stood victorious. BUT, this story leads into something So much more!

Wizardly Ethics
1. Do Not Blindly Request Friends
2. Do Not Randomly Port To Some One

3. Do Not Invite Yourself Into A Battle Appearing to Run Smoothely
4. Ask to Join A Battle Regardless
5. If You Join A Battle To "Help" Do Not Flee
6. If You Chicken Out And Intend to Flee- Warn the Person
7. If/ When You Rudely Join a Battle Don't Pass Multiple Turns
8. When In a Battle You Were Not In Invited to Do Not Play Boss Man; Chances are you are no Hero. Just trying to Leach of Someone's Kill
9. If Someone Asks For Your Help Do Not Ignore Them. Just Answer "Sure NP" or "Sry I Can't"
10. Do Not Demand For Someone On Your Friends List To Help You, Be Polite And Ask or Work On Both Tasks Together

OK, So those are just a handful of 'aggrr-vations' I have encountered this week. Feel free to post comments and add to these "Do's" and "Don't's"

Friday, June 19

Not a Moment Too Soon...

So, I will start by apologizing for being so tardy with a follow up blog. Stone Me. Maim me. But, please, do not deprive me of your interests and your time because of my lack of freedom.

First, and foremost. Happy Birthday Autumn DuskHunter [ 6.19.09 ]. Please remain my Bestest Baron! Greatest Birthday Wishes being sent your way via Gamma (little Harry Potter joke). I also want to give UBER PRAISE to Autumn DuskHunter for making level 50 -n- Grandmaster Necromancer [ -n- on your birthday! SaY WHaT?! ]. Major Woot-Woot's coming your way, my dearest partner in crime.


I have finally made it out of Krokotopia. With some minor clean up tasks left, I have become a fairly new resident of the Majestic MarleyBone. Upon my graduation, I took it upon my self to upgrade with a new pet; Defender Pig AKA King Ruby. And what kind of mother would I be without introducing him to a new home. Yes, yes I spoil myself at times. And this time I purchased a beautiful star lit manor with a serene waterfall flowing into minute moat. A new place to call home. Mom would be proud.


I have found myself to be a bit of a inferiror recruiter. Everyone is the house has now enrolled in wizard 101 [ and, yes, it had interefered with my studies and my writing ]. The husband enrolled about a week ago and is engaged in the studies or pyromaniacs. Junior, who joined shortly after myself, has followed in my footsteps, and is a necromancer. He really does make me proud ::tear::
Next up is my Dear Mother. Just knowing her type of personality I predict her to be storm... for no particular reason of course. =)
There are two gifts you can give your beloved that will help me flourish and become adored and they are the gift of laughter and education. Those who know me laughter follows me like a shadow. Education on the other hand, comes with a little more whole hearted attempt. But what I know I will pass onto others.

Well my fellow bloggers and peers, I must wrap this entry up, again, with an apology. I have much to make up for and so... look for an entry tomorrow. I make no promise I may not be able to keep so I will not assign a date. But, I do promise and entry of sorts. Thank you for your patience and I, truly, appreciate your moments of grace. Fight strong. Stay well. And remember, look to the sky... you don't want to miss that Fallon Star. This one just could be the clutch moment you have been awaiting Oh so patiently for.

*Good night*

Monday, June 8

My Very First

So, I broke free of the pen and paper. I took it upon myself to introduce you all to the inner workings of the complex monstrosity that is my mind. Brace yourselves.

Allow me to explain who I am and what I am doing here on your screen. I go by Fallon Star. My friends call me Crazy *only because they know me so well*. You may call me Fallon Star, it isn't nice to call me people names. I am a recent enrollment of Wizard 101. As of 06.08.09 I am a level 21 Necromancer. I was recruited from the *soon to be* infamous Autumn DuskHunter and the young, yet wise, Ashley DuskHunter.
Autumn accomodated for my early stage of learning and has offered to become my mentor, my peer, and, most importantly, a great friend. I trail along in Autumn's shadows, however, I am always being encouraged to broaden my wings and fly into new light *especially with my complimentary Summer Dragon that I had receive. Mister Otis, just in the event you are wondering his name.
It was not long ago that I graduated from Wizard City's Finest and found myself on the beaten path onto Krokotopia. Believe you me... my adventures are not limited. Through out the course of training with the patient Autumn, together we have instigated great opponents in such lands as MarleyBone and MooShu. While I may not quite be at that level of spells and capabilities as my dearest Mentor, Autumn takes the extra iniative that helps build my character and confidence.
Well, folks, that is a brief autobiography of myself. There will be more posts as I venture through this amazing game of Wizard 101. Feel free for quests blogs, silly blogs, kudo's, and so-forth.
I want to take the last few sentences of this introduction to Thank Autumn DuskHunter for welcoming be so warmly into a new life. If you are not already aware of the world on the otherside of you server I highly recommend it if you enjoy strtegy games that include a smooth and beautiful variety of people with free wills and an uncanny amount of patience. I hope, for you readers, that you are able to find someone able to take the time to show you the ropes. Even if you are unable to, don't give up. This world is remarkable. Challenges await you on every street corner, but believe in yourself. I believe every young wizard has an umarked sense of courage. It is up to you to unleash. Work at your pace. Learn everything you can. And NEVER second guess yourself. Don't worry about what everyone else is learning. Just worry about what you are accomplished. Good Night. Good Luck. And remember; before you go to bed- look up at the sky. Someone is sending you an oppurtunity to make a dream come true. Don't let that [Falling Star] go to waste.